Olympian Banned for 4 years

Alvin Harrison, doping and banned.

Alvin Harrison; Biography

Alvin was born in Orlando, Florida on January 20th, 1974, along with his twin brother, Calvin Harrison. In fact, Calvin 'died' for 2 minutes. His heart stopped, right after Alvin was born. The doctors at the hospital were astonished, that when they heard Calvin cry, they said it was a miracle and a gift from god.

In 1995, their dream came true; to go to the Olympics. A year later they both qualified for the 1996 Olympic Track Team. The brothers in total have won 3 gold medals together. Their career was outstanding, medals and family, always supporting them.

Unfortunately, due to evidence, Alvin was banned from the summer Olympics of 2004 from a substance that is very illegal and never heard of. He agreed to a four year ban. Later, in the summer Olympics of 2008, Antonio Pettigrew was the reason the the U.S team was stripped of their medal, the team that Calvin was on. Antonio was testified of a performance enhancement drug during the BALCO case.

(Alvin and Calvin share a moment after their first gold in 1996) ☝

More Information On PEDs

There are many different types of PEDs. Drugs can be used for medical uses such as pain relief, types of diseases, and for homeopathic remedies.

Some medical drugs are;

- Morphling (pain reliever)

- Anesthesia (pain reliever)

- Epideral (pain reliever)

- Demerol (sleeping drug/pain reliever)

- Glucocorticosteriods (can be helpful/not helpful)

- Diuretics (medical ((if OD; casue of death)) )

- Narotics (medical ((if OD; cause of depression/death)) )

Some Hormone Steriods;

- Anobolic Agents (testosterone)

- Pepitide Hormone (human growth hormone)

- Human Growth Hormone (hGH)

Illegal Drugs;

- Cannabinoids (marijuana drug)

- Blood Doping (blood transfusion; addicted to blood)

Why Athletes decide to take this road?

Most athletes are so driven to win that they will risk everything for a tiny bit of drugs. Satisfaction is the drive, the drive to win. Anyone would love to stand up on a podium, the crowd going wild, you smiling the biggest smile as the medal is being hung over your neck. But to risk it all on drugs, just to make you win without taking the consequences? Not likely.

Study shows that a percentage of about 82% of athletes would take drugs to win. The chart above shows how many people think that athletes take PEDs for each sport. Isn't that insane?

Most athletes are more likely to take a form of steroids called anabolic-androgen steroids. For men, their most anabolic steroid is testosterone.

Anabolic Effects; promotes muscle building.

Androgenic Effects; responsible for male traits is a deeper voice and facial hair.

This type of steroid can be taken through pill, syringe and topical care.

Why do athletes get attracted to these kinds of drugs? Recovery. If for say you tear a muscle or ligament, it will recover a lot faster. And some like the adrenaline rush when they take the drug.

Designer steroids are synthetic drugs that can be undetected by any new drug. They are made specifically for athletes with no medical use. Because of this they haven't been tested/approved by FDA (Food and Drug Administration).

Side Effects of PEDs:

- high blood pressure

- heart and circulatory problems

- aggressive behavior

- psychiatric disorders (depression)

- drug addiction

- infections

- inhabited growth development

HIstory on Performance Enhancement Drugs

The time period that 'doping' actually started was around 776-393 B.C. The word doping is actually a Dutch term for 'doop' which means drug of choice for the Greeks.

Around 100 AD Roman Gladiators gave their horses an alcoholic beverage made from honey to make them run faster during chariot races. The Gladiators made a remedy out of a hallucinogens, such as strychnine, to help keep fatigue and injury out of risk.

19th Century was the time that they were making caffeinated drinks laced with wines. Coca and cocaine were used to wear off tiredness and hunger throughout the cycling races and other sports.

1904-1920 was the time when athletes took actual drugs like cocaine, heroin, strychnine and caffeine. An olympic runner, Thomas Hicks, took a concoction of brandy and strychnine and nearly died because of the overdose.

In 1928, the first law against doping in competitive sports was officially declared. This law was certified by the International Association of Athletics Federation (IAAF).

During 1940-1945 was when the Nazis were testing any male solider and prisoners for anabolic steroids. Scientist back then thought that these drugs caused mania, paranoia depression, aggressive behaviour and suicidal ideologies.

1950 was when the first effective drug was spread around the athlete world. Amphetamines, which were also used during the second world war, was used a lot more during this time.

In 1958 the first legal anabolic steroid was for sale and was approved by the FDA. Created by Dr. John Bosley Zieglar made an anabolic steroid called Dianabol. Russian weightlifters in 1954 were so impressed by their success that Dr. Zieglar began experimenting on the US weightlifters. Nearing his death in 1983, he only wished he had never made the steroid as seeing the athletes abusing the drug.

Aug. 26/1960; The first athlete to ever die in the Olympics because of doping. Danish cyclist, Knut Jensen died during the 100k team time trial. He fractured his skull after blacking out due to the extreme heat in Rome. His autopsy revealed a drug laced in his veins called Ronicol.

In 1972 the drug testing began for Narcotics and Stimulants.

In 1988, Ben Johnson was stripped of his gold medal after a positive drug test. Canadian sprinter, was testified and stripped after seeing Stanozolol, an anabolic steroid in his blood stream. In 1993 he was banned for life after a second test.

On Nov. 10/1999 The World Anti Doping Agency is established.

Sept. 3/2003 was when BALCO was raided by federal investigators. They suspected they had been handing out steroids to athletes.

Jun. 25/2007, WWE wrestler commits murder suicide after injecting steroids. Chris Benoit killed his wife and 7 year old son after committing suicide. The reason is unknown of why he did this.


(now) Aug. 5/2013, Alex Rodriguez is suspended for the rest of 2014 and 50 games for violating MLB drug policy.