Andrew Jackson

A "People" Man

Indian Removal Act

1. Jackson wanted the Cherokee Indians out of their land so he could use it for farming and industrial uses. The Indians court case to keep their land went up to the supreme court. Because the Indians basically had their own government they were seen as their own nation and Jackson couldn't force them out. Jackson thought he was presidents and had an army and could do what he wants, so he went along with his plans for the Indian removal.

Trail of Tears

2. Jackson wanted to move the Cherokee Indians out of Georgia and into Oklahoma. The Cherokee were civil and took it to the court. This case went all the way up to the supreme court, the court said Jackson couldn't remove them out of their land but he disobeyed and went along with his removal plans. The Cherokee put their heads down and started their journey so they wouldn't have problems with the U.S. This journey was cold and brutal with half of the Indians dead by the end.

Spoils System

3.The Spoils System is where someone who voted for the winning candidate gets rewarded usually with a government job. When Jackson became president he fired his whole cabinet and brought in men that voted for him. For Jackson this is good because they will always vote in his favor. Also it's bad because most likely they don't know what they are doing.

Political Cartoon

In this picture Jackson is portrayed as more of a king than a president. It shows the constitution ripped up like he doesn't care about what it says. This picture is basically saying that he is abusing his power as president and acting more like a king. For example he vetoed a lot more laws than any other president ever has.

Letter from a Plantaion Owner

Dear Wife,

My plantations are running swell so far but will most likely go down hill if our land doesn't expand. Luckily Jackson wants to move the Cherokee out to Oklahoma so I can take some land there. Hopefully the land will be good for growing crops this season. I am glad that Jackson is moving them west because this will help us a lot with our money problems.


Letter from a Soldier

Dear Mom,

Jackson moved the Cherokee west and it was horrible. I had to escort the Indians from Georgia to Oklahoma. It was a very long and brutal walk for them, they were tired, starved, sick, or dead, I could barley bare it. Over half died and I don't know how I watched this cruelty go on, Jackson is horrible; he moved people out of their own land and for what a little more land, its insane.

-Love, Marvin