How hot is Mercury?

Mercury is over 400'C ! Mercury has very extreme temperatures.

The color of Mercury.

The color of the planet is brown and red that is intersrting color.

How far away from the sun?

Do you think that Mercury is the third planet but it is not it is the first planet from the sun

Visible from Earth?

Mercury is not visible from Earth and you think that it would be visible.

Rocky planet?

Mercury is a very rocky planet it is so hot that it is made of nothing but rock.


Do you think that Mercury has moons? It dose not have any moons.


Mercury dose not have any rings it is not a gas planet and you think that it is.


It was named by the roman gods that is so cool.

Interesting facts.

Mercury has no moons,over 400'C,has no rings,closest planet to the SUN.

Visit planet?

  • No,because we can't breath that would be stressful