By Sofia Haynes

Tourist Destination Sites

Ecuador has many tourist destination sites such as the Galapagos islands because it is very quite and peaceful. Many people go through La Campañía Quito every day because it is one of the best known capitals of the famous cathedrals. The third place you could go if you are a tourist is Cotopaxi; which is the second highest active volcano site in the world.

The Geography of Ecuador

The geography of Ecuador is full of nature everywhere you look. You have lava tunnels on the island of SantaCruz, Galapagos for example. You can also travel to the island Santa Cruz, Galapagos. And you have various types of wildlife such as the female Galapagos lava lizard. And one other geographical attraction of Ecuador is the Iberian Peninsula.
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Ecuador Fun Facts!!

1. Ecuador is the most friendly country in the world, in which the visa-free regime for the citizens of all countries in the world. Every tourist can stay up in the country to 90 days!
2. During elections and referendums in Ecuador goes prohibition on the alcohol. Citizens of the country are suitable to participate in the elections very seriously, and for evading electoral debt, they face a fine.
3. Ecuador – is one of the most seismically active regions of the world. Pacific coast of the country is at the crossroads of two powerful layers, which from time to time on each other literally bump. All this is accompanied by powerful aftershocks. According to some sources, a year in the country takes place at least two earthquakes with a magnitude greater than 4 on the Richter scale. And if you take those earthquake, the epicenter of which was under water, they just do not count – up to several dozen per day!!!
4. Ecuador was the first country in the world, which in 1906 waived the death penalty.
5.The sad fact. In Ecuador, on the Galapagos until June 2012, lived the loneliest tortoise in the world. It was a male of Pinta Island tortoise (Chelonoidis nigra abingdonii). He was called Lonesome George, because he was the only survivor of its kind. Lonesome George died and didn’t gave the offspring. After the death, the Lonesome George was embalmed.
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Enchanted Ecuador forest