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Happiness In a Diffuser

Check out this AMAZING diffuser recipe using Peppermint, Citrus Bliss, and Elevation essential oils from doTERRA!

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doTERRA Breathe Respiratory Blend


Did you know that the Respiratory Blend, Breathe, from doTERRA was our gateway into the wild and wonderful world of essential oils?

A little over a year ago, I reached out to an oily friend in my life, at my wits end, trying to find something natural to support my husband's upper respiratory function. My friend [wisely] suggested I try Breathe - the respiratory essential oil blend.

We didn't have a diffuser at the time, so Cliff (husband) just put a couple of drops in the palms of his hands, and breathed in the oil during times of distress. He also regularly applied it to his chest and to the reflex points on the bottoms of his feet. Within a day or so, his respiratory function had VASTLY improved. It was an "Ah HA!" moment for both of us... so, we bought our first kit, and it changed our lives. Seriously!

It is empowering when you find a natural, easily accessible, affordable way to take charge of your own health and wellness. And we found that with doTERRA essential oils.

So, anyway - now we must BREATHE ALL THE THINGS!! It remains our favorite essential oil, and we keep ALL of the Breathe products in our house. That's why I'm SO excited about doTERRA offering this FREE respiratory support kit. When you order 200 PV or more in May, doTERRA will automatically include the following with your order:

√ FREE 5 mL of Cardamom

√ FREE 15 mL of Breathe

√ FREE Breathe™ Vapor Stick

√ FREE Breathe™ Respiratory Drops

(Click the links above for the product information sheets) All of this together retails for over $90! Get more info here:

Are you still looking for your oily "Ah HA!" moment? My contact information is below. Reach out! Let's talk.

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Essential Emotions Class

This is a free event, and open to the public! Save the date for May 21, and click here for more information...

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May Oil Classes & Events

Are you itching to know more about essential oils? May is chocked full of intro classes, continuing ed classes, and fun events! Check it out, and share with your friends!


I'm Sara, doTERRA Wellness Advocate, lover of cheese, writer, photographer, entrepreneur, and wife to Cliff. I am passionate about educating folks about how SIMPLE and POWERFUL healthy living can be using stuff from plants.

Now it's your turn. Email me. Call me. Text me. Let's talk!