4C News

Friday, October 28, 2016

Halloween Party

The kids are looking forward to a time to relax and enjoy their friends in the classroom on Monday! Thank you in advance to the families who are sending in treats and supplies. If your child has a food allergy, you may send in special food with him/her to enjoy.


Mrs. Close's Class - This week the kids have been working on partial-products and the standard or traditional algorithm when multiplying a one-digit number times a multi-digit number. We have another of day of practicing both strategies before the kids take the topic C quiz. Then, the instruction shifts to division. Next week will mark the beginning of the monthly CML competitions.

Mr. Hart's Class - Module 2 tests went home today. Please sign and return on Monday.


Each student brought home his/her graded end of unit assessment for the Haudenosaunee study. Many kids showed great improvement since the mid-unit assessment. We work hard each day making inferences and supporting those thoughts with text evidence. Please sign and return those assessments on Monday.

During the next unit, the kids will be learning about the early explorers who had a direct connection with New York State. Mrs. Schopinsky will come to our classroom on Monday and help us get started with our research!

The first writing piece will be a narrative.


The hydroponic tank is up and growing! Look for a picture next week. I forgot to take one before I left school today!