Killer Whales Held In Captivity

Joshua McGaughy


In the film Blackfish, Gabriela Couperthwatel made a successful film by showing viewers by keeping killer whales in captivity lashes out in their new environment. In the film their where interviews and stock footage shown of people explaining how the killer whales reacted to their new environment.

Defining The Purpose

In film Blackfish, interviews and stock footage where shown of men taking orcas out of there habitat and taking into captivity. Tilkum and others orcas where captured and taken into captivity by being held in captivity for a long time will make the orcas lash out because they're not comfortable or use to being in tight places. Through out the years of being held in captivity the orcas killed trainers.

Trainer Interview

In the image aside shows Dawn Brancheau giving an interview explaining how she enjoys her job and what she actually had to do get close to some orcas. Dawn was an amazing trainer who was attacked and killed by a former killer whale she trained and taught through out her life. There was no specific information giving why the orcas would do anything like that its really the environment fault not dawns.

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Expert Interview

In the image above Dave Duffus an OSHA Expert Witness, and a Whale Researcher was interviewed during the film explaining how orcas are not use to being in tight closed in space for hours. That's why some orcas lash out on other orcas or trainers because they cant take it anymore.

Stock Footage

Their where videos shown in the film how orcas where comfortable before they got taken into captivity. Stock footage where shown in the film to basically explain the good past of the orcas lives. Orcas wasn't killing human when they wasn't in captivity but now that they're in captivity trainers are getting killed by orcas because they are not use to the tight closed in environment.
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Former Whale Hunter/Diver

In the John Crowe was explaining how painful and hurt he felt by capturing orcas and taken them away from their environment or other orcas. John Crowe was a former whale hunter a diver his job was to capture whales. "I lost it, I just started crying. I didn't stop working. Its like kidnapping a little kid away from his mother. The worst thing I've done, is hunt that whale."

Stock Footage

Their where stock footage videos shown throughout the film. Stock footage video was shown basically to show how thing was before. Their where old stock footage shown to the audience how some of the trainers getting attack by orcas , their where stock footage videos shown how good sea was before all the attacks and killing started to happen.


The film blackfish was really sad. The sad part about the film is when the orcas get taken away from their environment and other orcas that they basically grew up with. I felt the pain of family who family member died because unauthorized whales who wasn't really trained or anything because people just wanted to captured them. Its was really sad to some of the trainers who lost their lives because of some whales that been held in captivity. I think animals shouldn't be captured and taken out of their environment just be show case at showed I think people should think if they where animals and taken away from people they grew up with its sad.