Wild Fires

Andrew Cardi 2nd

Main Issues

Wildfires can burn acres of land and consume everything in their paths in minutes. About 100,000 clear 4 to 5 million acres of land a year. Wild fires can damage homes, and pollute the air with things harmful to human help.


Negative Effects

The negative effects of wildfires are that it can damage and take away animal habitats. Wild fires also pollutes the air with emissions harmful to human health.


Main Regions

The main region that is affected by wildfires is the West U.S. The area around Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, Washington, Colorado, Oregon, and California experience some of the worst fires.

What Wildlife is most affected

Wildlife such as small animals are directly affected by wildfires. Large animals must escape fires by getting on the outside of the fire or an area that was not burned. Large animals are more likely to be caught in a fire.


How wildlife are affected

Some wildlife that are newly hatched or are very young will have no escape. Wildfires destroy forests which is also destroying habitats.The wildfires in the West destroy habitats that take 120 or more years to recover. When fires get to big they start to destroy organic material and natural vegetation. The fires that take away things in nature make it hard for animals to find their food and survive.


Do wildfires affect our life in League City

Wildfires affect don't affect our life in League City because there aren't any major forests or areas to have a fire start.



How people are affected by wildfires

People are affected by wildfires by breathing in the polluted air that is caused by the fire. The smoke caused by the fore can cause accidents on nearby highways or roads. Wildfires can also affect the climate of the area. They also harm water bodies and pollute the water. The water will start to taste different and bacteria will increase.


Who or what causes wildfires

Wildfires are created by humans and nature. The way nature causes wildfires are lava or lighting. Humans can cause wildfires by leaving things like campfires burning or when something in the forest is burning they leave it there. 90% of wildfires are caused by humans.


Solutions to prevent wildfires

The solution to preventing wildfires is to thin the forests that the fires are happening in. The reason for large fires is that the forest is to crowded so when one tree catches on fire the others will.


New Solution

My idea for a new solution is to have the areas that are known for fires blocked off for the people to camp. When people camp there is usually always a campfire so that would start fires. My solution can and can't be implemented. It can be because we can have people make public announcements or have someone of importance talk. We can even make a law. It can't be implemented because most forests are free to the public.