Estacada HS Newsletter

August 26, 2019

Welcome Back!

I hope everyone is excited for the start of the upcoming school year.

First day for 9th grade: Tuesday, September 3rd

First day for 10th-12th grade: Wednesday, September 4th - this Wednesday will be a full day of school, not an early release Wednesday.

Our custodial, maintenance and summer crew have been working hard to prepare our buildings for students. Things are looking great and we will be ready for a fantastic year.

There will be some new changes to ensure that our students are successful in their academic pursuits:

  • Standards-Based Gradebook to align with our district's grading philosophy and bring consistency between all schools
  • 30-minute intervention block on Mon, Tue, Thur, and Fri for extra help
  • New agriculture program

We welcome a few new teachers and paraprofessionals to the high school this year as well as a new assistant principal. I look forward to introducing them to our students, parents, and the community in the very near future.

"Ranger Time" Intervention/Enrichment Schedule

This year we will be introducing "Ranger Time" to the daily schedule on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. The object of this new period is to get students the help they need in a timely fashion during the course of the school day. Teachers will assign students to come to their rooms during this time so they can work with them. If a student has not been scheduled they can assign themselves to a teacher's classroom during this time if there is space available. We will also be putting together some enrichment opportunities for students who do not need extra help as well as provide a space for sustained silent reading.

M, Tu, Th, F Bell Schedule (Includes Ranger Time)

Wednesday Early Release Schedule

To see how this dynamic scheduling works, please watch the video below:

There is currently an iPhone app for the scheduler. An Android version is on its way soon according to the company.

Ranger Time and Using Enriching Students Schedue Program

Standards Based Grading

Estacada High School is excited to introduce standards based grading for the 2019-20 school year! This grading system will provide a more complete picture of what students are expected to know in comparison with our previous system. While we recognize that with change comes challenges, this new approach to grading will benefit all stakeholders including students, teachers, and parents/guardians. The high school grading system will also align with the district’s strategic vision of using standards based grading for K-12 students.

Standards based grading allows students to be more aware of what they are expected to learn and their progress through the learning standards. It will provide parents with a more detailed outline of their student’s growth and achievement. Specific student strengths and needed areas of focus will be identified. Students will continue to earn an overall letter grade for their performance in each class. While the objective of standards based grading is for students to show academic growth over time, they will be required to complete their practice work in a timely fashion so teacher feedback can help students achieve proficiency. Students will continue to have timelines and due dates they are expected to follow.

Please click on the link below to access the frequently asked questions regarding standards based grading.



Back to School Night - Monday, September 9th

6:00pm 9th Grade Parent Meeting - setting your student up for success

6:20pm Standards-based Grading - Why are we doing it and what does it mean for your student

6:30pm Visit teachers in their classroom

We hope to see everyone attend our back to School night as we will go over our new gradebook system and discuss what standards-based grading means for your student. We would also like to speak to the parents and guardians of our 9th-grade students and discuss why it is the most important year for determining their success and how we can get them and keep them on track for graduation.

Following that, teachers will open up their classrooms so you can visit with them.

We hope to see you there!

Vaping Sensors in Bathrooms

In a partnership with Clackamas County Health, Housing, and Human Services, Estacada High School installed decibel sensors and vape sensors in the restrooms. As you may know, vape cigarettes have become a national crisis among teenagers and EHS has not been immune to the problem.

These inhalant delivery systems allow students to "inhale an aerosol that generally contains flavor additives and other chemicals, dissolved in a liquid known as a “carrier solvent”. They usually contain nicotine, the same addictive ingredient in conventional cigarettes. IDS can also be used for marijuana, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) concentrates and other substances."

The sensors also include a decibel sensor that will alert the administration to noise disturbances that may suggest violence such as bullying.

We want Estacada High School to be a safe and healthy learning environment for our students and prevent them from participating in inappropriate and potentially dangerous activities.

First Dance of the Year

Following the home football game vs Molalla on Friday, September 13th, we will hold our first dance of the year in the high school commons. The dance will conclude at 10:30pm. The cost is $5 per person.

Homecoming 2019

Homecoming week comes early this year: Sept 16th - 20th.

Student Council will be doing the hallway decorations for the upcoming homecoming week after school on Friday the 13th until the football game (from 3:05-6:45ish). Everyone is welcome to come help decorate!

Paying for College Virtual Presentation at Estacada High School - September 24 in the ASPIRE room (Spanish Presentation Sept. 26)

The College Place Oregon, Oregon Goes to College and the Oregon Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators have teamed up to offer a free virtual How to Pay for College Night on September 24th (in English) and September 26th (in Spanish). These nights are the first in our new virtual financial aid series offered in 2019-2020.

Our How to Pay for College event will start at 6:30 pm. We will have financial aid counselors from colleges and universities across Oregon available to “chat” with students and parents from 6:45pm until 8:00pm. The actual presentation will last approximately forty minutes.

This event will be held in the ASPIRE room located in the office area of the high school.

Class of 2020

Graduation Schedule

Thursday, May 28, 2020

Senior Final Exams Day 1

Friday, May 29, 2020

Senior Final Exams Day 2

Last Day for senior students :)

Monday, June 1st - Wednesday, June 3rd

No school for seniors

Wednesday, June 3, 2020

6:30pm - Baccalaureate (Estacada First Baptist Church)

Thursday, June 4, 2020

12:30pm - Mandatory Graduation Practice

Followed by - Microphone check for salutatorian and valedictorian

Friday, June 5, 2020

8:30am - 9:30am Senior Breakfast sponsored by the booster club

9:30am - 10:00am Graduation caps and gowns handed out

10:00am - 11:00am Senior Awards Assembly

11:15am - Graduation walk through district buildings (CRE, CO, EMS, RME)

Saturday, June 6, 2020

6:00pm - Graduates meet in EHS main gym

6:45pm - Graduates depart main gym to stadium

7:00pm - Commencement Ceremony

Estacada High School Athletics Calendar

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Estacada High School Activities Calendar

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