Mialisia Jewelry~~Pre-launch!

Don't let a great opportunity pass you by!

Launch date~~July 2013!!!

There is still time to get in on the ground floor of Mialisia Jewelry!!
Contact me for more information! Tinavbyrnes@comcast.net
You can also go to my website: http://tinavb.mialisia.com/
Once there, you can check out the FAQs and even join!!
Blog: www.chaingeitup.com

Did You Know?

At Mialisia Jewelry, we believe the jewelry you wear is an extension of you. It expresses your mood, your attitude, your personality. That's why Mialisia's interchangeable jewelry, converts into a dozen different looks!
Wondering what our jewelry is made of? Mialisia offers several jewelry styles and because of that there are a variety of different metals used to make the Mialisia jewelry line. Mialisia will offer earrings made of sterling silver and surgical steel and will offer sterling silver connector pieces that will lie against the skin when wearing the necklaces.