Mrs. Gray's 3rd Grade Class

See What's Happening This Week

October 12th-16th

Student Holiday

October 12th - Columbus Day

Field Trip

Thursday, Oct. 15th, 8am-3pm

15102 Texas 289

Gunter, TX

Please send your child to school with a sack lunch. Students are to wear their school uniform with socks and tennis shoes.



Students will be able to represent multiplication facts by using equal groups, arrays, strip diagrams and equations.


Students will be able to use strategies to support understanding of the text.


Students will be able to use the writing process to write a personal narrative.

Social Studies

Students will be able to identify human characteristics of communities. They will identify how people can change their environment to meet their needs.


Students will be able to identify the changes in the states of matter caused by heating and cooling.
Fun friday crafts

Click this link to use signup genius to reserve a date and time to help us with our Friday crafts!