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  • Have working smoke detectors on each floor of your home and outside of all bedrooms
  • Practice a fire escape plan and keep the route clear
  • Use a cover when cooking with oil at high temperatures


  • Keep firearms unloaded and locked in a place where children cannot reach them
  • Always point a firearm away from yourself and others when cleaning them or showing them.
  • Do not handle firearms if you have not been trained in their use


  • Most incidents of poisonings take place in the home
  • They usually involve children under the age of five who eat or drink poisonous substances that can poison a child
  • Avoid chewing, swallowing, or rubbing the skin against houseplants, especially philodendron and diffenbachia


  • A hurricane is a powerful tropical storm characterized by heavy rains and winds over 74 miles per hour
  • If you hear that a hurricane is coming, place tape across window glass and then board up the windows if possible
  • Anchor or bring inside any furniture or other items outside of your home


A tornado is a rapidly rotating column of air whirling at speeds of up to 500 mph

Tornadoes are frequent occurrences into parts of the central and southern United States

If you are caught outdoors during a tornado, move away from the tornado at right angles to its path


An earthquake is a sudden shaking of the ground caused by the release of stress accumulated along geologic faults or by volcanic activity

If you are indoors during a earthquake, stand under the frame of an interior door or crawl under a table or desk

Stay away from windows, glass doors, heavy hanging objects, or furniture that might tip over