The Way People Persevere

By Sophia Cyr

What is Perseverance?

Perseverance is when something terrible or unbearable happens to one, but one survives anyway. There are many who have persevered, each at their own level of adversities.

Tom Monaghan: Problem Solution

Tom Monaghan was the creator of Domino's Pizza, but before the fame, he had to go through many hardships. One of the problems was that his partner had spent lots of the money, and had gone into debt, and since Tom owned the shop, it was him that had to pay. Even after that his partner went to the hospital, and was way in debt, but Tom just kept making pizza. Eventually, their partnership was dissolved, but he never stopped making pizza. For a while after that he was doing pretty well, but two years later, his ex-partner declared bankruptcy. He was now responsible for 75000 dollars of debt, but he just kept making pizza. He eventually managed to make 50000 in profits, but there was a terrible fire that destroyed his anchor store, and now he had 150000 in damage. Tom knew he could do it though, so he kept making pizza. But because Tom kept on going, he had built an amazing company called Domino’s, just like he always wanted. He could’ve given up, and there would've been no Domino’s, but he didn’t.

Dartanyan and Leroy: Compare/Contrast

Leroy and Dartanyan are very similar, but also very different. And even though they have their differences, they are still inseparable. When Leroy was a boy, he was hit by a train, and it took his legs, but he started wrestling, and met Dartanyan. Dartanyan, though, is partially blind, and can’t see two feet in front of him. But these boys found each other, and our both good at wrestling, and can do anything together. Their disabilities make each other feel like brothers. They just don’t want to leave the other. But at home, is another story. Both of them have some tough times at their houses. Dartanyan doesn’t even really have a home and is left to scrounge on the streets. Leroy does live in a home, but he lives in one with no ramps, so he must climb up and down everywhere. These boys learned to live through their differences, and each other, and neither could live their life without the other in it.

Carl Achademy: Description

The Lady Jags had to face a lot of adversities and troubles. Aside from just losing every game, each girl had to face their own life problems. For instance, most of them don’t want to go home, because it’s just not a place they want to be. Some of their parents have lost their jobs, and can’t take care of them. Some of the girl’s parents are divorce, and the ones that are there do drugs, and are alcoholics. One of the girls ran away because of this. Even in the game they get hurt or pushed around by the other team, but they persevere anyway. All the girls are like family, and even though they struggle, each one can overcome it.

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