An Educational Flyer About the Coolest Sport on Earth

What is Paintball?

Paintball is a fairly new (compared to some other international sports) and popular sport sweeping across the world. Millions of people play it!


Many believed the first game of paintball took place when some "Cowboys" shot at each other with tree and cattle markers.

Common Gameplay Styles

Tournament Play: This is a standard elimination setup. Default is a 5v5 match. Most tournament maps can vary depending on what they are made of. Some are made of just inflatables, others, just wood, or they can be mixed. MilSim (MilitarySimulation): These are more of the tactical simulation style games, where the match involves an objective, and a certain plan, instead of the tournament, where you just kill people. In most MilSim games, people wear regulation gear, to simulate more realistic soliders, and have a more realistic match. They also try to follow real military tactics. The entire gameplay is based around realism. That's really what matters, keeping it real.

A Patriotic Event

One major event that occurs every June in Oklahoma, is paintball D-Day. It is an international call of players to campout for a week (7 days) in the Oklahoma countryside while having games around the clock. People come from ALL over!

Simple Games

Not all games HAVE to be for competition, some games you play for fun. You can play just to meet friends, or have fun with the friends you already have. Everyone tries to keep great sportsmanship in paintball. Which gives everyone else a better playing experience.
New kids at Outlaw Paintball TX
I hope you learned about my favorite sport with this informational flyer. Hopefully, you're curious now and want to play paintball to see what it is really like. If so, have fun!