Do Students have to Much Homework?

-Christine Nguyen-


Parents have been made because their kids have to much homework. Parents have noticed that their kids are having meltdowns and aren't sharpening the saw and the reason for that is because kids are doing way to much homework.

Test Scores Dropping?

According to, " Some parents and schools say "no" to heavy homework load", they say, " People say too much homework causes students to worry and to lose sleep." almost everyone knows that when you have a test coming to you have to sleep more before the test day and since students are losing sleep, their test scores are dropping.

A Unhealthy Enviorment

Sometimes homework can be useless because all homework is doing is reviewing what you did at school that day and since homework is usually on paper, it’s wasting the paper and as the result, it’s making a bad environment for everyone.

To Late for Homework

After school, kids should be able to relax after putting in so much effort in school right? Well they can and do you want to know why? well it's simple, they have homework. On sunny, bright, beautiful days, students often have to stay indoor to do homework. Students who do homework on their laptops often gets email from teachers on more homework even if it's later than 12 o'clack at night or any time at all real but if often just high school students or middle school students.


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