By: Bradlee and Rylee

Where did the religion start?

The religion started in southwest Asia between 2000 and 1500 BC. They were Hebrews. The early hebrews were early farmers, but they developed a culture that became a major influence.

Who was the founder of this religion?

Abraham was the founder of Judaism. According to the Bible God led Abraham to Canaan. Abrahams descendants became the Jewish people

What are some of the basic beliefs of the religion?

The people believed in the 10 commandments. They also believed in a Missiah that would come and appear among the Jews and restore the greatness of ancient Israel. They beloved that they should NOT comit murder. They should not comit adultery. They should not steal. They should not testify as a false witness against your neighbor. They should not be envious of your neighbors house. They should not be envious of your neighbors wife. They agreed to worship only God and to value human life, self control, and justice. They believed in one God, education, justice and righterousness, obedient, and law

Where did it spread?

For centuries Jewish ideas greatly influenced other cultures. For example Europe and America , it also spread to Arabia and influenced Christianity in Islem.