how to play outfeild in baseball

By fox

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lets start with the basics to throw you put your fingers on the red seam (optional) have one leg in front one leg in back and if you are not good at baseball you can point your glove at the spot your aiming while your flesh hand throws the ball


  1. I personaly like to play outfeild with one leg forward and one leg back so that if the ball is hit over my head im ready to run back but i can also run forward.


when you are running back you want to cross your legs over so you can go faster than just backpedaling if the ball is hit forward you just run forward normally

Catching a pop fly

to catch a pop fly you want to get under the ball and have your glove about six inches above your forehead , your flesh hand just behind the net in your glove,squeeze when the ball hits your glove
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Stance in hitting

in your stand in hitting you have your feet about shoulder length apart, elbow up and bad back
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hitting the baseball

to swing you just bring the bat down rule number one keep your eye on the ball rule two only swing at strikes
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