French I AB & A Course

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Home stretch

Dear Families,
We are hitting that homestretch. We are two weeks from the end of the course!
I am really in awe of how hard my students have worked this semester. I give you tremendous kudos!
If you have fallen behind please get right back on top of your assignments starting from where we are as you still have the opportunity to bring your grade up!!
We are however not completely done and there are a few items that need attending to (Please continue reading below). Please continue to reach out to me by email or phone calls should you have any questions or concerns.


Today Friday April 24th is the last day to submit work for a grade. I am still grading projects. Please continue to be patient with me. I will however have them all graded by this week-end.
The next and last due date is this upcoming Friday, May 1st.
We are approaching the end of the semester but please continue to work diligently to end strong!
I will be posting on the home page, one last differentiation activity (extra credit) that will be available to you by tonight and will need to be turned in by May 2nd at midnight.
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Final Exam

Final Exam!!

The final exam will be available May 6th to May 7th midnight. ALL students are required to take the final exam within that time frame. Make plans accordingly as there will be no exceptions granted.
The final exam counts for 20% of your final grade. So be sure to put your all into this final test of your French knowledge
You will have 90 minutes to complete the exam (unless you have accommodations).
There are 45 questions on the exam. Please make sure to use your review guide (coming soon to your course homepage) as well as review your grammar and vocabulary quizzes, as well as your previous tests.
These will help you be completely prepared. I have posted on the course page how to review your previous tests.

Bonne chance a tous!!
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