Mrs. Pierce's Post

Week of January 4, 2016


I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas Break! I know I sure did! I enjoyed all of the extra cuddles with my boys and some tasty feasts!

Now that we are back, its time to hit the ground running to best prepare our kids for 1st grade! It's amazing to think that we are more than half way through our kindergarten year! As first grade is fast approaching, please be sure to continue supporting your child as they are growing and making a solid foundation for their academics. I am very proud of each of them and their growth thus far! As you review the progress reports that will be sent home this week, please notice your childs' reading level. Remember (by the end of the year) we need to exit kindergarten reading at a level C independently. To help insure that your child meets this requirement I have listed a few reminders for how to support your child.

  • practice, practice, practice the rainbow sight words
  • encourage your child to "stretch and pull" sounds in words as they are reading and writing
  • Look at pictures for clues...
  • Think about what makes sense...
  • "Get your mouth ready" to read unkown words

This Week!

  • Focus Letter: Bb
  • Sight words: you, your
  • Phonics: r controlled vowel chunks review (er, ir, ur, or, ar)
  • Complete Sentences (cap. letters/finger spaces/endmarks)
  • Plot... Who, What, When, Where, Why?
  • 5-groups, teen numbers

Important Reminders!

  • Homework packets are due each Friday. Please sign and return in the folder.
  • Kindergarten News is sent home daily. Please return the next day completed.
  • Agendas are the MAIN way for daily communication! Please check and initial them daily.
  • $5 cash or a healthy snack (enough for each student) is due each month.
  • Lunch $ should be sent in an envelope labeled Lunch Money with your child's name, Mrs. Pierce's name, and amount enclosed.
  • If you have any additional forms or notes for the school or teacher please put in the agenda as they are checked daily. Also, make note in the agenda incase it should happen to fall out or placed elsewhere

Coming Up!

February 11th- Title Night ..."Bingo for Books" (for Title students)

February 19th- Elementary Night @ Varsity Basketball game