Sharpschool Webpage Updates

Learn the basics of keeping your webpage up to date.

Logging In

Navigate to your webpage and then click on the login button in the upper right area of the page. Then select the Google logo in order to login with your Google mail credentials.

Adding Pages

In order to add a new page to your website, first be sure you are on your home page. This will be the page that is named with your name. Once you are sure you are on your home page, click on the +Page button. There are several different page templates for you to choose from, but for a blank page choose Content Space Page.
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Adding Pictures

In order to add a picture to your webpage, navigate to the page and the content box where you would like the picture added.

1. Click on the toggle switch and turn on Design Mode.

2. Click the Edit button in the upper right corner of the content box where you wish to add the picture.

3. Place your cursor in the spot that you would like the photo to appear and then click the Image manager icon.

4. Select your grade level folder as the destination for your uploaded picture to land in.

5. Upload the photo by selecting from your computer.

6. Click on the Properties tab in the right window to adjust size and add Alt text.

7. Click the Insert button.

8. Once you have made all desired changes in the content box, click the Publish button.

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Changing your Page Order or Page Status

In order to edit the navigation on the sidebar, users must click on the Page Options button and scroll down to the bottom section under Manage Subpages. Choose the Page Status button. A window will open with your pages listed. Drag the pages in to the desired order and click Update Page Order. To change the status of a page (Show/Hide) you must select the Page Status button. From this window you can check the box on the left of the page title to select it for Archiving or you can change the status by clicking on the options at the right.

Changing the Theme of your Page

Sharpschool has many different themes that can be applied to your webpage to change the look. You can scroll through the entire list of themes or choose the category from the options on the left. You can Preview a theme to see it full screen. To select a theme you must click on the theme itself (not the Preview button) and a page will open. In the upper right corner you can click the back button to return to the list or click the Publish Theme button to apply that theme to your website. You should apply themes from the home page of your website to assure that each subpage

Metadata - Changing the Titles at the Top of Your Page

Many of the themes in Sharpschool provide a place for teachers to add their names and job titles. This information is called metadata. In order to add or change the metadata, click on Page Options and scroll down to metadata. When the metadata windows opens, scroll all the way to the bottom and enter the information requested in Header Line 1 and Header Line 2. No other information is necessary. Click Submit and then close the window by clicking the red dot in the upper left corner.

Integrating your Google Calendar

As part of the county website guidelines, each teacher should have their Google calendar embedded in their website. This process has several steps, but once it has been set up will save you lots of time and trouble. For most of you, this was done at your initial Sharpschool website training with the help of your ITF. If you have not yet created a sub calendar in your school Google account to embed on your website you may follow these instructions to complete this process.

  • Log in to your school Google account and navigate to your Calendar
  • On the right of the "My Calendars" area click the drop down and select "Create New Calendar"
  • Name this calendar "Website Calendar" to set it apart from any others you may have
  • Check all the boxes in the Sharing Settings to make your calendar Public
  • Click "Create Calendar"
  • In your calendar list, go to the dropdown next to the Website Calendar and go to "Calendar Settings"
  • Make the necessary adjustments to the calendar settings and then highlight and copy ALL of the HTML code in the box.
  • Open your school webpage and navigate to the calendar page.
  • Switch to Design Mode and click on the Edit button in the upper right corner of the content box where you want the calendar to appear.
  • When the editing pane opens, scroll to the bottom and click the HTML tab and paste in the code.
  • Click Publish! You may have to refresh the page or wait a few seconds for the calendar to populate.
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How to Earn Your Badge

To receive credit for completing this module, participants must have evidence of an updated webpage. We will look for the following:

  • Current information on all pages
  • Left side navigation in alphabetical order
  • A recent event added to your website calendar
  • No blank or unnecessary pages
  • Evidence of a recent classroom activity (picture, description, student work, etc...)

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