Human Cloning

Should human cloning be banned or not???

Background Info

Cloning is an identical copy of a living organism using their DNA such as a plant or an animal. The main purpose for cloning is for people to cure other people's diseases. Nowadays, people mostly use cloning on plants. But the first clone ever to be invented was a sheep named "Dolly" as shown on the right. People started thinking whether or not a human can be cloned by using the same process. Would cloning be a safe strategy?

How cloning works

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A quote that states FOR human cloning...

"Eliminating cloning a human sends a regrettable message that politics and public pressure triumph over law/logic."

  • human cloning can help damaged or weak organ of other people
  • the population of humans can die out; cloning can increase the population of a failing number of people
  • parents that have a loss of a child can have that child sent back by cloning
  • cloning can help with genetic diseases by altering the constituents by a cloned human
  • people will have a better understanding the function and composition of genes and DNA that has the effect on human traits


A quote that states AGAINST human cloning...

"We stay on the primary nation in the high-tech that can't summon to themselves to eliminate the cloning of a human."

  • some thinks man creating life is against God's command; it is like man playing God's role
  • the clones will be created without a soul
  • life lasts only one time; people shouldn't go and disrespect the life of a man through scientific experiments (cloning)
  • cloning can cause danger too such as an abnormal development: if the nuclear DNA doesn't go exactly precise, more than 30,000 genes can be affected
  • clones will be treated unfairly like and being compared to a dead, non-alive child
  • mess a family generation

Other Peoples' Opinions based on Cloning

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I think cloning would not be okay. First of all, life comes first. I don't think people have the right to just go and disturb the life of someone else like a human would start a life of a human. People should treat life that lasts only once very gingerly. The process of human cloning had all gone through science, and experiments don't always rule, especially on the life of a human. It is not fair that a person is created by hand while others are made naturally. The big part is, man will be playing the role of God which is against his command. Cloning will also mess up the family generation; one person will be compared to a stranger in a family for the rest of their lives. It is best to just play it safe and remain the good we already own.
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