By: Samantha Myers


This careers is in the branch of life science because as a zookeeper you interact with living animals.

Educational Path

The best way to get into this careers would be to take chemistry or biology as a major and work foreword to get into veterinary classes. I would personally choose biology because it better helps with the metrical needs of animals. Biology helps you understand more about chemicals reactions, which could effect how the animal acts. For example, how the animal reacts to people, how much or little it eats, and how active it will be.


The listed courses to take were four years of English, three years of Math and Social Studies, and two years of Science. They also mentioned that some colleges require two years of a different language, and most veterinary schools require experience in the field. Such as volunteer work at a local animal shelter or hospital.

Training Schools and Colleges:

If I were to choose this career, I would go to UW Marinette. I would go to the school because it is located in Wisconsin, where I can stay connected to friends and family. Though the school does require on campus housing, I think it would be a nice expierience. The college is in a rural area and is a public school. UW Marinette is a university and is a 2 year college. The ratio of students to faculty is only 15:1 and the average class size is small.

Other Info


~ GPA: 2.0

~ ATC: 22


About the Job:

Zookeepers look after new borns, eating habits of certain animals, and educate the public on why the zoo is important. They work in many environments because they take care of many different animals. They can be in the animals cage or in the nursery. It depends on the position they have at the zoo.

What Factors Affect Employment for this Job:

It is fairly easy to get a job in this department if you have all the right qualifications.

I would say it is easier in other countries but it's easy in WI as well.


Wisconsin - $15,660 to $27,550

National - $16,050 to $31,880


I think I could do this job in the future. Some of the reasons that I would is because I get to work with nature and animals and be outside. The reasons I wouldn't is if it was really hot or cold I would be sitting inside and ask if someone else would do it for me.