Prenatal Development Flyer

Julie P & Brett K

How Your Life is Changing - First Trimester

Into week 7 of your pregnancy your uterus has doubled in size, and eating has become an all the time thing for you. Morning sickness has begun, and you seem to be urinating alot more than usual. At 11 weeks, you get constipated alot and you usually will gain between 2 and 5 pounds. At 13 weeks, your breasts start to make milk for the baby.

How Your Baby is Changing - First Trimester

At 5 weeks the baby as small as a sesame seed. After 6 weeks, its mouth, nose, ears, and body shape start to develop. During the 7th week, its feet and arms begin to sprout out of the body. 8 weeks and its fingers and toes start to come out of the arms and legs. 10 weeks in, and it begins to kick and swallow fluids. At 12 weeks it gets its reflexes. Then, at 13 weeks it develops finger prints, veins, organs and is about 3 inches long.

How Your Body is Changing - Second Trimester

15 weeks and you've gained between 5 and 10 pounds, maybe a little more. At 16 weeks, you're less nauseated, you have fewer mood swings, and "glowing skin". You will begin to feel your baby move! At about 23 weeks, your ankles start to swell and so do other parts of your body. At 27 weeks, your legs will begin to cramp up from all the extra weight put on you.

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How Your Baby is Changing - Second Trimester

Week 14 the baby's beginning to make facial expressions. Throughout weeks 15-18 the baby's organs will continue to develop. Such as their lungs, tongue (taste buds), heart, kidneys, and liver. Week 18 the baby is now 5.5 inches long. If a boy, by now their gentiles are visible. Weeks 19-23 their movement will develop and kick harder. Then they will start to gain more fat, and grow hair. By week 27 they are 2 pounds and 14.5 inches long!

How Your Body is Changing - Third Trimester

At 30 weeks you may have more trouble sleeping, and begin to feel a lot more clumsier than usual. Your balance might be off, and your mood swings have returned. 33 weeks and you're probably gonna start to "waddle" and your hands may cramp up from time to time. 39 weeks in, and your starting to get weekly abdominal check ups on the babies grown and position. between 40-42 weeks, you should be ready to give birth!
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How Your Baby is Changing - Third Trimester

During this trimester your baby will gain most of their weight. Week 28 the baby can blink their eyes and detect light. Week 29 their muscles will start to grow rapidly and will start to gain about around a pound every week until fully developed. Week 30 the baby will weigh 3 pounds and can turn side to side. Weeks 31-35 they will be getting their cute, round shape from obtaining their baby fat. Week 35 the baby will weigh 6 pounds and be 18 inches long. Weeks 35-38 are "Early Term" births. By week 39 the baby should be fully developed and size varies between 7-8 pounds and 19-21 inches. Weeks 39-41 are "Mature Term" births. The delivery should be anytime within those weeks.

Advice For the Father:

As the father of your new child, there are many ways you can be supportive and involved with raising him or her. First, depending on whether or not you and the mother are in a relationship or not, you have to figure out how you will bring in income. If you are with the mother, you should try to get a quality job that will support your family. If not with the mother, figure out payment plans with Child Support. Be responsible and consistent with those payments. Next, you should try to be by the mothers side as much as possible to support her and help her with tasks, chores, and other daily challenges she will face. Once the baby arrives you need to be involved in their life. Spend time with them either on a schedule, or often enough to maintain a relationship. The two biggest things in this is to support the mother as much as you can, and to stay involved.