Monday Morning Meeting

Common Core, Curriculum, and Continuous Improvement

Monday, January 14, 7:30 a.m. in the East Boardroom

Edmodo integrated with Common Core and Continuous Improvement

  • Enhances student learning
  • Students are engaged through exploration
  • Motivated to explain and elaborate on his/her skill & strategy
  • Naturally embeds self-evaluation & peer evaluation
  • Students begin to develop class rubrics and have that deeper understanding because they create it
  • Prep for PARCC Performance – justification and explanation of strategies

Prior to Monday morning, please join the Teaching and Learning Edmodo Site
  • Sign up as a teacher
  • Join Group (on left side of screen)
  • Use the Class Code: deverg

Edmodo Exploration and Use With Professional Development

Draft Agenda

Edmodo Exploration Begins:

  • Individually work and solve on white boards
  • Share strategies
  • Type out your strategies
  • Time to read other strategies
  • Share out different ways to solve

How to use Edmodo for Professional Development:

  • How to create your own class
  • Post an assignment
  • A Poll
  • Small groups
  • Help
  • Library
  • Student Progress
  • Apps

What benefits do you see for your work with teachers?

  • How can using Edmodo enhance common core integration and continuous improvement within the classroom?