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This Week at Thousand Oaks...

9/7-Labor Day holiday
9/9-Faculty meeting: Team Planning/Special Education meeting
9/10-Jenae out AM, Holly out PM, 12:25 strings presentation for 5th grade (specials time), data team meeting @3:15
9/11-Patriot Day, Mai out all day
9/12-Super Saturday
9/13-Rosh Hashanah begins

Upcoming Events...September

9/14-Grandparents' Day, Jenae out AM, Faculty Advisory Committee meeting after school (viewing area)
9/15-New teacher check in after school (library)
9/16-Pam Brook out AM, Faculty Meeting: Learning Session
9/17-Jenae off campus-Principals' Meeting
9/18-Extended planning (Kinder, 2nd, 5th, 3rd), PTA Movie Night

9/21-Team Leader meeting after school
9/22-Jenae off campus, optional staff development after school, Yom Kippur begins
9/23-Peer Mediation training, Faculty Meeting: RTI,
9/24-Jenae is coaching session from 7:30-11:30
9/25-Extended planning (1st, 4th), Faculty Advisory Committee meeting after school (viewing area), Pam Brook off campus

9/28-CIC meeting after school (viewing area)
From the EBD...Please click the link!

There is information for each grade level in regards to different calendar events, procedures, professional development and deadlines. There is information for everyone, so please make sure you read the EBD in it's entirety!