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Holmberg/Ziegler Style

We are crumpling up our old ideas, and moving forward with new and more innovative ones!

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Our classroom as seen on February 3, 2016. While we think this is a fabulous classroom filled with many wonderful aspects, we know we can take it to a whole new level. Thanks for coming with us on this journey to a new Design for Learning!

The Design Duo at Clear Springs

Out with the old and in with the new! With almost three years of a successful job share under our belts, we've been refining our teaching to best meet the needs of our students. The first two years of our job share, we focused on our lesson plans and making sure we had a strong academic core for our students. With that now in place, we knew we needed to move further this school year (2015-2016) and think "what can we do next to make our classroom an even better place for our students?"

The answer to that question is a new Design for Learning in our classroom! The "Design Duo" as we like to refer ourselves now, is ready to roll up our sleeves and transform our classroom into a more student-centered, collaborative, and dynamic environment for learning . Combined, we have 33 years of teaching experience together and with that comes a LOT of stuff!

This summer, before any of this Design for Learning was introduced to us, we knew we had to make changes. For us, it started with our classroom library. Three years ago, we combined thousands of children's books that were from our kindergarten and 5th grade classrooms. Over the summer, we came into our classroom and cleared out books that we didn't need or were old and ragged. We can say our classroom is now well organized with age and level appropriate books that students are delving into and becoming stronger readers with.

This process was the spark we needed to think about what else can we get rid of or change about out classroom. We started by surveying our students to see what they think about our classroom and any changes they would think to be beneficial. You can view their answers at

We also had students look at photos of different classroom set-ups. They were given dot circles and needed to put them on the pictures of what they were drawn to for classroom design. Here are those results

Findings from these two activities are discussed in the formal application under "Needs Assessment".

Click on the title above to be linked to a Google Doc with our formal Minnetonka application. Must have a Minnetonka Google account to be able to view the application.


Since winter break, we have started to remove items that cause clutter and are not needed. So far, we've removed a large chart stand and a fake tree (as tall as the students). We want to move away from student desks to a variety of seating choices that create more flexibility in meeting all students' needs. Below are pictures of additional things we plan to remove from our classroom in the next few months.


We both believe our classroom needs to be a safe and comfortable place for students to come to each day. There are items in our classroom we already have that we believe creates an atmosphere of collaboration, creativity, and comfort.


Below are links to all the items we have on our budget list. Click on the description (in the white dotted boxes) to be directed to that site with pricing included.


For students to be able to move tables together for collaboration in learning.


QTY. 4



Encourage student centered learning with flexible seating options


QTY. 2


Hokki stools are definitely the number one requested item from our students. We were gifted $250 from a family in January. We used this money to purchase three stools for our classroom. Our request is for three more to add to our classroom space to give students more flexible seating options. The pricing will be different on the link to Amazon. The $80 is what we are going on from the spreadsheet we got from the Schoology Design for Learning site.

Hokki Stools


QTY. 3


We would take these shelving units and turn them on their side to use as benches for students to sit on. We would ask for pillows (through donations from parents) to put on the top and use the slots for storage.

Ikea shelf/bench


QTY. 2


We would purchase six of the 17" x 24" bath mats as seats for the students around the round activity tables.

Bath Rugs


QTY. 6


One last option for flexible seating is stability balls for those students who need that extra movement while seated doing work.

Stability Balls


QTY. 4


Thank you for taking time to read through our request for Design for Learning. We are passionate about creating a magical space for students to learn, grow, and collaborate.

Anne Holmberg and Chrissy Ziegler

A 2nd grade job share duo at Clear Springs Elementary! Teachers with a passion for design and creativity in and out of the classroom.

Chrissy (Mondays, Tuesdays, and every other Wednesday)

Anne (Thursdays, Fridays, and every other Wednesday)

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