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Friday, May 13, 2016

A Dream Come True

By Allison Rattenborg

Last spring, the Children's Ministry Core team gathered together to dream big for Northminster. We prayed. We researched. We read. We felt God calling us to launch a small group ministry for kids. We called this ministry "Kid Groups." We felt God moving us to get adults and teenagers committed to these children for the school year. And, so off we went...

Over the summer, we recruited a team of Small Group Leaders - at least one adult and one teenager for each Kid Group. Little did we know what was about to happen!

Here's just a tiny look into our window...

  • A three year old preschooler scared to come into the room is now sitting on his small group leader's lap...reciting a bible verse!

  • A teenager subs in for another teenager just for a Sunday...and feels the Holy Spirit's nudge to stay with the group for the rest of the year.

  • Kids feel agape love...because their small group leaders took the time to write them a card and put it in the mail.

  • Youth leaders feel changed...because they were called to do something significant.

  • 4th graders who wonder 'what is Ecclesiastes?'...can now say it and find it in the Bible.

  • A youth leader who has never read Philippians...studies it, leads her few, and is real with them about her journey with it on Sunday.

  • A preschool class begins the year at 5...ends the year at 12.

  • Small Group Leaders who wish they didn't have to find all the cotton balls and pom poms for their lesson...feel like it's Christmas every week because the "prep" team has arranged all the supplies for them necessary for their lesson.

  • A team who wonders how to make "large group" work in a shared space...works together and with prayer and imagination... transform a space and take it down every Sunday, set up audio visual, create a professional set and change it out every month for the actors who have fun and engage the kids, and KIDS who can not wait to come worship and learn about the bible story!!!

  • A director who is challenged by the big ask that God has set before her...but trusts (and is in tears as she types this) as she knows that ONLY God can show up and do all the these things and so many many more.

As we close out Kid Groups for this school year, I am feel blessed beyond measure and forever changed. God has so many big plans for us. Let's hold hands, keep our eyes on him, and go where he calls us!

Allison Rattenborg loves supporting and cheering for families and bringing them closer to Jesus. She loves coming alongside leaders, equipping them and empowering them to do the work God is calling for them! She currently serves as the Director of Children's Ministry for Northminster Presbyterian Church, Peoria, IL. She loves Jesus, her awesome husband Ryan, her three kiddos, and her incredible friends. Oh, and coffee, dark chocolate, sunshine, giggles, and dreaming big!

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Please join me in thanking these amazing people for their commitment to the KidZone!!

KidZone Core Team:

Nikki Edwards, Robyn Flanagan, Jason Flanagan, Kirstin Marshall

Allison Rattenborg, Joanna Stuck, Ric Stuck

Kid Group Leaders:

Preschool: Ginny Halverson, Diana Fritz, Meg Flanagan

K/1: Jane Mason, Taylor Walper, Maya McRaven

2/3: Ginger Kruiswyk, Sam Bluth

4: Joanna Stuck, Kelly Peterson, Jacob Loer

5: Chris Kerr, Nate Kruiswyk, Kate DeHeer

Large Group Team:

David Edwards, Jason Flanagan, Robyn Flanagan, Ryan Rattenborg, Allison Rattenborg, Ric Stuck, Jennifer Towery, Taylor Walper

Prep Team:

Christine Best, Lori Curry, Nikki Edwards

Worship Zone:

Nikki Edwards, Kirstin Marshall, Anna Olmstead, Abby Reed

Wednesday's in the Zone:

Kate DeHeer, Brennan Towery, Allison Rattenborg


Ben Bluth, Lydia Curry, Kate DeHeer, Chris Donovan, Miranda Kruiswyk, Jacob Loer, Makayla Mathewson, Brennan Towery, Kaylee Walper

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