Elementary Math Unpacked

How to help your child be successful in Math

Is Math Really Different Now?

The world has changed and so math looks different. We have had advances in science, technology, information processing, and communication. Business and industry demands have changed. They are looking for:

Real World Problem Solvers

People who can explain their thinking

Ability to analyze data trends

Ability to use modern and evolving technology


Writing In Math

Writing is a way to reflect on learning. It is key part of learning for young children. It allows them to put their thoughts on paper and use words, symbols, drawings, etc. Writing is also a way for teacher's to assess understanding and identify areas for remediation.

Helpful Links and Sites

A Must Have Home Resource for Pre-K through 2nd

NEW!! Redbird Learning- Look for flyer coming home soon!

Redbird Mathematics

A New Learning Model

Developed by Stanford University, the Redbird Mathematics curriculum features the latest in adaptive instruction, gamification, and digital project-based learning. This K-7th grade curriculum is designed specifically to meet the requirements of Common Core (Focus, Coherence, and Rigor).

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Georgia Math Frameworks by Grade and by Unit- This is what our teachers follow as guide to teach math standards