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There are lots of different types of genres of Rock. My personal favourites are indie rock and psychedelic rock. The artists that I have chosen to review on this blog will are The Black Keys, The Beatles, Spector and The Virginmarys. Below I will link some of their videos and images of them.

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The Black Keys - Little Black Submarines [Official Music Video]

History of Rock

Rock music has changed since it first began in the 60s. When it first began there wasn't as much guitar or screaming, it was just music that was a lot more upbeat then other music. But later Rock music started to get a lot deeper and its fans started getting stereotyped because of what they listened too. Rock stars started to do drugs and as an affect the fans started to do more drugs as well. Rock music has progressed a long way from when it first began and this link should help you understand the different bands and different scenes that those bands imposed.

Social Effects of Rock Music

Rock Music has influenced drugs for years, it's fans are renown for doing drugs while listening to Psychedelic Rock and peace music in the 70s. At Woodstock in 1969 Rock music was played for three days straight while people laid around doing drugs and listening to it.

This article below illustrates the social effects of Rock music.

The Beatles

Penny Lane

The Virginmarys

Just a Ride



Controversy in Rock

Some people believe that Rock and Roll is linked with the devil. This was a high belief from Christian families when rock first began. The link below is an argument on whether or not Rock music is linked to Satanism or not.