December 15

Mrs. Jones’s Class Involvement in Embrace-a-Family

This year, our class is going to turn Embrace-a-Family into a Service-Learning Project by focusing on skills and standards in addition to community service. You will find the information about this trip below.

Money is earned at home doing service projects (babysitting, dog-walking, bake sales, etc.) and brought to school in the form of cash. Earnings should range between $10.00 and $25.00 per student.

Students get into groups with the money they have collected and research what they will purchase.

Students can do research on the Internet to find appropriate items, check for prices, and make a plan.

We will be walking to the Target Center on Monday, December 15, and we will need parent supervisors to walk with us. We would like 6-7 adults. Please let me know if you can join us.

Students are to purchase gifts for a specific military family in need and use their math skills to manage their “budget” (the amount in the envelope).

There will be permission slips going home with your child with the time that we will be shopping. We will be going to either at Einstein Bagels or Wahoo’s for a snack. If you could also send a few dollars in with your child (in a separate envelope that your child will keep with them) to purchase snack, that would be great. If you’d rather pack a snack, that is great, too.

We will be back to school in time for our usual lunch time.

We will attend the walking field trip with Mrs. Cohen’s class.

Also, we could use one parent to meet us at Target so we can load the car with goodies and transport these treasures back to ECC.

Thank you for your support. This activity will become a special memory for our students.


Mrs. Jones