my favorite players

by luke

Andrew Houser

He is my dad.

He was number 56.

He is a line back.

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nolan ryan

He is in the hall of fame.

His fastest pitch was 108 mph.

He threw 98 mph when he was 46

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cam newton

he does alot of dancing.

he plays for the carolina panthers.

he is the QB.

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jj watt

he is a beast.

he is 2 place in most sacks.

he is 6 foot 5

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mike trout

he is 24 years old.

he plays outfield.

he is on the angels

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dierk nowitski

he is 27 years old.

he is 7 foot tall.

he is number 41

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bryce petty

he played at baylor.

he is a QB

he is number 14

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james hardin

He has a big beard.

He plays for the rockets.

he is good.

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Corry Colmen

Almost nobody can tackle him.

He is number one.

HE plays for Baylor.

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Levi Norwood

He played for Baylor.

HE is a beast.

He is fast.

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James Harrison

He plays for the stellers.

He is a linebacker.

He is a beast.

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Jullioe Jones

He is number 11

He plays for the falcons.

He is a great player

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AJ Green

He plays for the bengals.

He is on my madden team.

He is a beast.

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To Tall

He plays for the Harlem Globetrotters.

He is tiny.

He is epic

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Big Easy

He is really funny.

He is 7 foot 4.

He is my brothers favorite

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She is a girl.

She plays for the Harlem GlobeTrotters.

She as some good skills.

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Odell Beckem

Some people call him OBJ.

He is a reciever.

He plays for the giants.

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Luke Keuchly

HE is a linebacker.

He plays for the panthers.

He is number 59.

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Richard Sherman

He is a corner back.

He plays for the sea hawks.

He is epic.

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Marshawn Lynch

He is a running back.

He plays for the seahawks.

He is a beast.

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Josh Norman

He is a corner back.

He got in a fight with odell.

he plays for the Panthers.

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Peyton Manning

He retired in 2016 .

He has a brother.

He played for the Broncos.

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Walter Payton

He is a beast.

He played for the Bears.

He can run people over.

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Demarco Murray

He used to play for the cowboys.

he is number 29

he plays for the eagles know

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Leshaun Mgowan

He weighs 300 pounds.

He plays for Baylor.

He is huge.

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Kyrie Ervin

He plays on the Cavellers.

He is good.

He is a guard.

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Andy Moss

He is a beast.

He plays for the patriots.

He is awsome.

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Michal Jordan

He played for the Bulls.

He is number 23.

he is awsome.

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Jammal Charels

He plays for the cheifs.

He is a running back.

He is a monster.

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Charles Woodson

He played for the GreenBayPackers.

He is a Strong Safety.

He is a beast

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Demarces Ware

He played for the cowboys.

He is awsome.

He is a beast.

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Steph Curry

He is awsome at shooting threes.

He plays for the gold state warrioes.

He is number 30

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CJ Mosley

He is a beast.

He used to play for the ravens.

He is good

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Ray Lewis

He played for the ravens.

He is awsome.

He retired

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Bryce Hagger

He is a linebacker.

He plays for baylor.

He is awsome.

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Chris johnson

He is really good.

He plays for the titans.

He has 97 speed in madden mobile.

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mike singeltary

He played for the baylor bears.

he is the best.

He played for the 1985 bears

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tavon austin

he is fast. he plays for the rams.

He played for west virginia

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