Wanted Parent

Do You Want to be The Best Parent to The Best Child?

Whats Better Than Becoming a New Parent to One Baby? Two Babies! A Set of Twins: Boy and Girl

Theses two babies are always smiling and happy. Keep that smile on their face and give them the best Parents they could ask for as they will be the best children you could ask for!

Job Description

This is one of the best jobs someone could ask for! Imagine that going to work was spending time with the ones who make you smile and loving and caring for your children! People would die for this job! The five most important skills that you need as a parent are
  • Love for the child
  • Beable to connect with the child
  • Stable with money and work
  • Responsiblity
  • Willing to give up time

Hours and Promotions

The Hours for this job is 24 hours a day.

As the children get older you can look at it as getting promoted to the next step of their lives and your parenthood. You will gain more responsibility and it will change for the better and worse. You have to be able to teach your child life lessons and grow with them on their way to success. You will also get to watch your child become older and grow and become the independent person they will become learning from who you are. This job offers the best promotions any job could offer.


As a parent you are responsible for keeping a child happy and healthy.You will also have to be able to support it with purchasing all the food and accessories it needs. To do that you must prepare with all the living neseties for the baby and buy everything the child will needs. You have to have a nice enviroment and relationship at home for the baby. You must give the baby love often kissing it and giving it attention. The last thing you must do is make sure the child is happy and grows up to be just like you, the perfect role model! You are responsible for keeping the baby safe and most importantly you are responsible for their life choices and success.

Wages and Compensation:

There is no pay to this job in money but you are certainly paid with smiles and happiness!

You will have to pay for the child depending on their needs and your pay that you can afford.


There are many benefits to this job such as~

~Creating a relationship like no other that you will have forever

~You laugh and smile a lot more

~Can create many opportunities for the ones you love and they will not only make you a better person but you will make them the best person!


It is recommended that you have experience but if you dont that is ok since you will learn every step of the way.