Welcome to Tyrrell County, NC

Red Wolf Country. Population: 4,407 (lowest in NC)

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History of Tyrrell County

Tyrrell County was named after was founded in 1729 and was named after Sir John Tyrrell, a lord proprietor of North Carolina. Tyrrell County is best known for its fascinating history, beautiful nature, and wonderful environment.


Tyrrell County is located in northeastern North Carolina in the coastal plain region. It is bordered by Dare, Hyde, and Washington County.
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In Tyrrell, there are many famous landmarks including the Scuppernong River, and the Albamarle Sound. Tyrrell also has many attractions like the Pocosin Arts Center, and the Columbia Historic District which has a lot of historical buildings dating back to the 19th century.
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Columbia, North Carolina is located in Tyrrell County and its County Seat. The town council has 7 members. The town manager is Rhett White, and the mayor is Michael F. Griffin. Columbia is historically known for being a large trading center. Now Columbia is known for its great fishing areas, the annual Scuppernong River Festival, and its annual River Town Christmas. These activities are fun for all ages and family friendly.