French Revolution

by:Ashley and Hailey

When and Where?

Took place in France

Happened from 1789 to 1799

What Caused It?

  • Resentment of royal absolutism
  • The rise of enlightenment ideals
  • Food scarcity in the years immediately before the revolution
  • Resentment to the seigneurial system by peasants, wage-earners, and a rising bourgeoisie

Who Was Involved?

  • British and French were fighting in this war
  • These groups of people didn't like each other because of historical wars centuries ago.
  • The British hoped to gain

What were some results or lasting effects?

  • This war spread enlightenment ideas around Europe.
  • This war also caused a domino effect of revolutions.
  • This war was successful.
  • French came out of bankruptcy.
  • French won the war.
  • Better democracy for French.

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