First Grade News

3/14 - 3/18

Upcoming Events

3/15 - Kindergarten Parent Information Night - 6 - 7 p.m.

3/16 - Dress Like a SuperHero Day

3/16 - Drama Kids

3/18 - Kindergarten Roundup

3/18 - PTA Fun Run

Spelling List - Test on Friday

  1. her
  2. fur
  3. dirt
  4. bird
  5. fern
  6. burn
  7. funny
  8. penny
  9. read*
  10. each*
*High Frequency Words

Optional Challenge Words

  1. third
  2. germ
  3. discover
  4. pale
  5. scatter

School Supplies Needed

We are in need of a few supplies. Each classroom could use glue sticks (these run out very quickly), Wet Wipes and sandwich size ziplock baggies.

Thank you so much for your help!

Learning Targets

Language Arts/Social Studies
  • I can use vocabulary words to retell a biography.
  • I can blend and make words with r controlled vowels.
  • I can explain the story structure and retell a story.
  • I can identify cause and effect.
  • I can make connections by reading across texts and compare different genres.
  • I can distinguish between past, present, and future.

  • I can identify a primary source.


  • I can identify the value of a penny and a nickel.
  • I understand that the size of a coin does not indicate its value.
  • I can identify the value of a dime.
  • I can identify the value of a quarter.
  • I can count money by starting with the coin with the greatest value.
  • I can solve a problem by making a reasonable first try and then solve to check my work.
  • I can observe and record changes in the appearance of the Moon.
  • I can communicate my knowledge of observing objects in the sky.
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