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The Meeting

Umpire Robert Watts' lawyer gave his side of the story to the University Interscholastic League's State Executive Committee at a meeting last month. The players' have accused Watts of making racial slurs against them, but the umpire denies it.

Both of the boys are expected to attend Thursday's meeting, as well as Watts.

Northside ISD officials and John Jay High School's principal and head coach all have appeared at previous UIL hearings about this incident.

The meeting will take place in Round Rock on Thursday at 9 a.m.

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The Suspention

After meting light punishment to John Jay High School football players and coaches for their roles in a vicious blindside of an umpire, Texas sports officials ended a hearing on Thursday unable to answer a central question: What prompted linebacker Victor Rojas and defensive back Michael Moreno to level and spear Robert Watts?“We’ll probably never know what motivated them,” said Mike Motheral, chair of the University Interscholastic League state executive committee.That uncertainty, along with a pending criminal investigation, hung over a two-hour hearing that resulted in a disputed finding and meager discipline. The Texas Association of Sports Officials (TASO) announced that a private investigator found no evidence that Watts uttered any racial remarks, despite strong assertions to the contrary from multiple Jay players.Faced with a possible three-year suspension, Jay defensive backs coach Mack Breed was suspended for the remainder of the year and handed two years probation. He resigned in September. Head coach Gary Gutierrez received two years probation and a reprimand. Moreno, a senior, was given a one-year suspension. Rojas, a sophomore, received an indefinite suspension. Both players have already been assigned to an alternative school for 75 days.