by Jackson

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Ecuador facts

Capital: Quito

Size Compared to America: Smaller Than Texas
GDP Per Capita:6,002.89
Population: 15.74 million
Leader: Rafael Correa
Independence day: May 24

Unemployment rate: 4.2%

Major export: Cut flower

Currency: US Dollar


Life expectancy: 73-79 years

Literacy rate: 98.63

Motto: Dios, Partiay libertad

National symbol: Coat of Arms

Typical foods: Sea food, vegetables, and pig/ poultry

Favorite sport: Soccer

Major religions: Roman catholic 90%

Other languages spoken: English

Major problems: Unemployment

Current event: 1/3 of rain forest are being auctioned off to China for oil drilling

Area: 283,560 square kilometers (109,483 square miles)


Ecuador can be divided into three types of terrain, called: the Sierra, which is the central highlands, the jungles of the Oriente and the coastal plains, which are known as the Costa


Pacific ocean