Jacksonville, Florida

========Sunny Skies=========

The Food

The food in Jacksonville is amazing. They mostly have sea food on the menus that is really good. My favorite is the crab legs. They have a soft rich butter that you can dip it in and it makes it so much better than it is by itself. They have regular restaurants that you can get food that we have here so if you don't want sea food you can get a burger or some ribs.

Beaches Around

The beaches around the area are really nice. You can even see dolphins and pet them. There are usually a lot of surfers or people on some sort of board riding the waves. The water is usually warm so you don't have to worry about that and there are nearby restaurants to go and get food at. The best time to go is when it is really nice out because it feels even nicer sitting a chair and relaxing on the beach.
Jacksonville, Florida: Endless Possibilities