Bring harmony to your community.

Why volunteer?

Giving up your own personal time to help others is a great way of meeting new people and bringing something only you can bring to the community. It makes everyone involved feel better and happy and helps people enjoy themselves. Volunteering is something for all ages and can help anyone in whatever situation they feel stuck in. Not only does it help people emotionally and mentally, but also in physically. Getting out of the house for someone else can inspire everyone involved.

Where do I go for volunteering?

There are many different kinds of volunteering, depending on who and what you wish to help. Helping elderlies can be done at your local old people's home, or Saint Vincent de Paul, Lifeline and other second hand stores run by those organisations. Volunteering at music eisteddfods and concerts helps; making events like that possible for your community.

Volunteering at animal shelters is also possible.

To find out more, come to one of our weekly meetings at the PCYC on Tuesday afternoons at 4.00pm.

Some of our top organisations

Guaranteed to be fun and rewarding

The rewards of volunteering

It may sound like a waste of time. Its time that you could spend doing other things, like making money or helping out at home. Maybe you have other commitments and hobbies. Volunteering however, is one of the only activities in which the result of all your work and commitment and love, makes someone else's life much better. Seeing that you are able to make someone else smile, makes it easier to make yourself smile as well. In a way, while you are helping others you are also helping yourself and everybody around you. It is guaranteed to have a positive effect on your life and relationships with others.

Social Sustainability

Social sustainability is the key to a harmonious community. Be a part of it and make your community the best one yet.