Full-Year Distance Learning (FYDL)

Wednesday Newsletter #20 January 27, 2021

January 29th Spirit Day: Crazy Hair Day!

NEW Lunch Activity: Mindfulness

Welcome to Mindfulness!

This lunch activity is taught by Rani Jayakumar. Rani is a Certified mindfulness instructor through Mindful Schools and has been teaching mindfulness and music for 9 years. She is a parent of two children at JLS and Ohlone. Her other passions include singing, the environment, and anything creative. More details at okachiko.com

More about the Mindfulness session from Rani:

"In these difficult times, children can often use a safe space to find calm, release thoughts and feelings, and find their own inner resources. I hope to offer such a place, with a weekly drop-in mindfulness session during lunchtime. Your child (and you, if you wish) are welcome to participate in a relaxing atmosphere with short, fun sessions that may include activities such as mindful eating, games of concentration, music, gratitude, and more. They may find a moment of connection with you, with other children, and themselves. Please join me."

February's Mindfulness Theme: February - Love (loving yourself and others)

The sessions for K-2 students: Tuesdays from 12:30-12:50

The sessions for 3-5 students: Thursdays from 12:30-12:50

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COMING THURSDAY! From Teachers College at Columbia University

Parent and Caregiver Workshop Days (free, synchronous, virtual)

If you’d like to learn more about ways to support your child’s literacy education at home or learn more about what or how they are learning in school, or how to best engage in home literacy projects, consider attending part or all of our virtual workshop days for parents. These free days are typically about 3 hours, composed of a series of 15-minute small-group presentations. Parents and caregivers can choose the workshops that match their needs and are invited to come for one workshop or many. These sessions are not recorded; the days are live.

Registration information will be posted here:

Upcoming date: Thursday, January 28, 1-3 PM EST.


Palo Alto residents and the Palo Alto Unified School District Community are invited to participate in the 21-Day Racial Equity Habit-Building Challenge.

The 21-Day Challenge is a powerful opportunity for shared learning and growth and invites the Palo Alto Community to develop a deeper understanding of how inequity and racism affect our lives and community.

For 21 days students, parents, staff, and the community at large are challenged to do one action each day to deepen community connections and further their understanding of power, privilege, supremacy, oppression, and equity and the role they play in the experiences of Black, Indigenous, People of Color. Participants will be asked to read a short article, watch a video, or listen to a podcast designed to build understanding and habits that will advance racial and social justice in our personal lives and community.An emphasis will be placed on racial equity as it relates to Black people in honor of Black History Month.

Join the Challenge by registering at https://tinyurl.com/PAEquityChallenge and post #PAEquityChallenge on your preferred social media site and challenge at least two people to join you in the journey to enlightenment. There is no cost to participate; open to anyone who is interested in building a community that is inclusive and accepting of all individuals regardless of the color of their skin or background.

Participants will receive a link to the PAUSD engagement website that will include instructions and all the details for participation. The challenge can be done individually, with friends and family, or organization-wide.


Participants will be provided with one short task to complete each day for 21 straight days.

Each daily activity is ~15 minutes: short, engaging & thought-provoking. Expect to:

  • Use the Racial Equity Habit-Building Challenge website to read, listen, watch, notice, connect, engage, act, reflect, and stay inspired

  • Use a reflection sheet to stay on course; record your journey, what you did and the impact, takeaway, or action that resulted

  • Engage in discussion on the website discussion board

  • Join the culminating celebration at the end of the 21-Day Challenge

Registration: https://tinyurl.com/PAEquityChallenge

REMINDER!! NWEA for students in grades 2-5

NWEA-MAP Growth Assessment is scheduled. Please look for the email from your classroom teacher to find out the date(s).

Please take the time to prepare to ensure device success!

*Steps to help prepare your child to take the MAP-Growth (Full Distance Learning Families)

During remote learning, there are challenges inherent in the formative assessment process. We need your support to ensure your child and their computer are prepared for the MAP-Growth.

  1. With your child, click the following link and follow the instructions to make sure your child’s computer is set up for test day: How-Students-Take-MAP-Growth-at-Home-Grades-2-5.

Remember that the purpose of this assessment is for teachers to see what students are able to do independently, and what areas students need instruction.

A note about remote testing: All NWEA tests are copyrighted material and no portion of the test shall be saved on a personal device (copied, screen captured, photographed, etc.), shared, reproduced, or disseminated, or modified without written consent from NWEA. Students may not use calculating devices or access outside resources during the test.

PAUSD requests parent support in this area to ensure the results are as valid and reliable as possible in the remote testing environment.

If you have any questions, please contact your child’s teacher.

Thank you,

Nikole Manou

TOMORROW! Positive Parenting: Young Children Adapting to COVID

PiE and CASSY are pleased to present an evening about strength and resilience in young children. Learn how adaptable your children are and how they have been coping through the pandemic. Find out how resourceful and resilient YOU are! Gain new skills to encourage them to be more flexible in this ever-changing environment. For parents of children from preschool to 1st grade.

Presenters are Lisa Miller, Program Manager, and Eva Martinez, Clinical and Site Supervisor, from CASSY.

Thursday, January 28, 7:00pm - 8:00pm
Join Zoom Meeting:
Meeting ID: 984 3395 8329 / Passcode: CASSY

REGISTRATION for 2020-2021

Registration begins January 4, 2021

Families with children who are not currently enrolled with PAUSD, and want to enroll a child to attend a PAUSD school starting in August 2021, must follow all the instructions at the PAUSD Enrollment web site starting on January 4: www.pausd.org/Enrollment. If you have any questions about if you should enroll your child, please send an email to RegistrationServices@pausd.org.

Reminder! Greendell for Attendance

The attendance email is greendellattendance@pausd.org. This is the best way for a parent to report an absence.

The office phone is (650) 856-0833. Voicemails left on this phone number will be forwarded to the Greendell office staff.

FDL What'sApp Group

Some of the families immediately created a WhatsApp FDL group. To join, please select the following link: https://chat.whatsapp.com/C8VDj4cbM79IA4PFZHTS4d

FDL on Facebook!

Another great way to meet other FDL families is by joining the parent sponsored FDL Facebook group called "FDL parents community." Contact Corinne Haböck at corinne.haboeck@swissonline.ch or for more information.

NEW: Wednesday Newsletter will now be published bi-monthly.

Please look for the next Wednesday Newsletter to be published on February 10th.

Nikole Manou

Full-Year Distance Learning Facilitator

Instructional Coach K-5

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