Harrison Park Weekly Update

September 20, 2021

Bedtime Story

This weeks bedtime story is brought to you by Mr. Manley. Mr. Manley teaches 6th and 7th grade Math.

Click here for the story.

Please Join Portland Public Schools in Creating an Equitable Vision for School Enrollment & Program Balancing in SE PDX

As part of a larger multi-year enrollment and program balancing process, the PPS SE Guiding Coalition has been tasked with developing a plan for adjusting school boundaries. feeder patterns, and/or program placements at Lane Middle School and Harrison Park K-8. In keeping with the District's commitment to racial equity and social justice, PPS is actively seeking to develop a deep understanding of the experiences, thoughts, and concerns of Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC) students and families that may be impacted by this important decision. If you are a current or incoming BIPOC student or parent at Lane, Harrison Park or a neighboring school, please join us for a dialogue session to share how PPS schools can meet students' social emotional needs and educational aspirations.

For additional information, contact Judy Brennan (Director of the Enrollment and Transfer Center) at jbrennan@pps.net

DLI Parent Meeting

Tuesday, September 22 at 6:00-6:30pm

Register at http://bit.ly/PPS_SEGC

Chinese Students and Families

Tuesday, September 22 at 6:30-7:30pm

Register at http://bit.ly/PPS_SEGC

Russian Students and Families

Thursday, September 23 at 3:30-5pm

Register at http://bit.ly/PPS_SEGC

Harrison Park Black Students and Families

Monday, September 27 at 4-5:30pm

Register at http://bit.ly/PPS_SEGC

Vietnamese Students and Families

Monday, September 27 at 5:30-7pm

Register at http://bit.ly/PPS_SEGC


September 24th @ 9:15am = Principal Coffee Chat (Virtual Link Here)

September 28th @ TBD = Climate/Title 1 Night (Virtual)

October 1st = Grades 6-8 Mid-term Progress Reports

October 4th = 7th Spirit Week (More Info. Coming Soon)

October 8th = No School (Statewide In-service Day)

PPS District Calendar 21-22


Please see the link here for information regarding your students bus route. Please check this link for any updates. Due to a bus driver shortage, routes are changing daily. Any questions of concerns please contact Transportation 503-916-6901.

Water Bottles and Masks

Please send your student to school with a filled water bottle and a extra mask(s). We have all new water filling stations for students throughout the building to fill them up.

Vaccine Clinics and COVID Testing

Please see the attached flyer for schools offering COVID 19 vaccines and tests. You will need to call to schedule an appointment.

Upcoming Vaccine Clinic at PCC see the information here.

School Supplies

You can find Harrison Park's school supply list here. Each student will receive a backpack of supplies for them to use at school or keep at home.

Each backpack will include:

1 box of pencils

1 pencil sharpener

1 pair of scissors

2 pocket folders

3 spiral notebooks

1 pink eraser

2 glue sticks

HP Daily Schedule 21-22

You can find Harrison Park's Daily Schedule here. Please remember to not drop off students prior to their drop off time (6th-8th = 8:38am and K-5 = 8:53am), as adult supervision is not available. Lunches have been updated.

PPS Covid-19 Guidelines

Remember the three W's: Wear a Mask, Wash your Hands and Watch your Distance.

Below is the link for the districts guidance around the guidelines in our schools:


School Handbooks

Students are required to follow the policies and practices outlined in the Harrison Park handbook and PPS handbook.

Harrison Park K-8

Office Hours of Operation:

Monday - Friday 8:15am-3:45pm

Doors Open for:

6th-8th @ 8:38am

K-5 @ 8:53am

Please do not drop your child off earlier than these times as adult supervision is not available.

If you are the parent of a student in BOTH middle school and K-5 classroom and your students will be arriving together, please CALL the office and we can make arrangements for your K-5 student to be supervised upon your middle school student's entrance to the building.