Jean - Jacquez Rousseau

By Jewel Starkey

The Facts

  • Jean - Jacquez Rousseau was born on June 28th in Geneva, Switzerland to his parents Isaac Rousseau and Suzanne Bernard
  • His mother died a few days after his birth and his only sibling, his older brother, ran away from home when Rousseau was still a young child
  • Rousseau's father got into a quarrel with a French captain, and fled Geneva for fear of his life. Jean - Jacquez decided to stay behind, and was taken care of by his uncle
  • Rousseau died on July 3rd, 1778


Jean - Jacquez Rousseau actually wrote a very successful opera called Le Devin du Village (The Village Soothsayer).

So basically...

Jean - Jacquez Rousseau was a French philosopher and composer from the Enlightenment era. He came up with the idea of Social Contract, where a person gives up some natural rights in exchange for government protection. He was also a strong believer in Natural Rights, where everybody should be born with the same rights, and therefore everybody should be equal. Both of these ideas were used by the Founding Fathers and are still used in America today.

Jean - Jacquez Rousseau was a composer as well as a philosopher, but eventually gave that up contrary to the fact that his opera, Le Devin du Village, was wildly successful. In his later years, he wrote two works, Rousseau: Judge of Jean - Jacquez and The Reveries of the solitary walker. His last work, His Confessions was published several years after his death.


I got all of my information off of and Google Images (for the quotes)