Certificated Staff Meeting Agenda

March 23, 2016

Superhero Staff Appreciation Week

What a fun week it has been!
Thanks PTA and chair Amy Meadows
Thanks to the many many many volunteers

Recent and Upcoming Events

  • Happiness in Our Hertage-Last Week
  • Family STREAM, Expo Night March 31st
  • April or May drill will include search and rescue- More details later. Our safety committee has updated backpacks and checking/updating supply closet
  • Teacher Foundation Movie Nights, pick a grade level date & time ASAP
  • Inspiration Award Grade Level Nominations Due this Friday (turn into Lisa)
  • Third Grade Performance (Wednesday). Thanks Teachers and Mrs. Tsai.
  • School Site Council (Wednesday). Review Strategic Plan and then bring to a future staff meeting for input review.
  • Carmel Creek Budget Meeting on Thursday-Let me know if there are special interests or projects (e.g., white board tables to pilot, garden phase II, Lucy Calkins Materials, special tech needs or apps.
  • PTA would like to give us 10,000 and wanted project ideas (e.g., garden, painting the playground, added shade for kinder playground). Thanks PTA.
  • Varmits are around. Gentle reminder to keep counter in the lounge clean and offices clean of foods.
  • Gold Medal Reading Principal lunches are coming up soon. So excited! Congratulations kids and thanks teachers for supporting this program. Thanks Mrs. Zimmer. Parents and kids are always praising gold medal reading.
  • First Grade, Old Town Field Trip, March 30th.
  • Professional Evaluations/Observations to be scheduled. See Mashell
  • Sister School Drive April 15.
  • Round III Collaboration Days are approaching.
  • Round III Learning Walks are in progres

Great Learning Walk Yesterday.

We appreciate the time of Julie Norby, Jill, Lisa Denham, Joyce, Stella, Thomas Joel and our own Tracy Pauels. TWEETS on the CC front school page and facebook.

Some CUE Highlights? With More to Come at a later date.

Google MAPS
Digital Exit Tickets
Apps for Student Presentations ideas
Book Report Ideas
Chatter Pix Kids
Google Drawings
Google Ink Slides
Digital Toolkit to help struggling readers
More 2 Math
Green Screen, Stop Motion for Green Screne
.....and more....

"Girls on Fire-Igniting the Passion for STREAM"- Angel Hastings

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Superhero CC Teachers Continue Tech Ed CAMP II

Deeper Learning with Educreations and Google Classroom

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