Southern Charmers

Monthly Newsletter, November 2012

Shout Outs!

Team Growth for October! We added a total of 18 designers in October! Congrats on becoming official!Kimberly BakerKawana BarbourChrista BlairAndrea BrownKarie FieldsJessica HaasSara HoughMisty HowardSara HutchinsonLisa KearnsTara MedlinVictoria PaceMolly StreckerCarol WilliamsLindsey WoodKelley WoodsonMegan WrennRebecka Wright

Team Sales

We have blown it out of the water again this month! We ended the month with a whopping $28,372.96! That is tremendous for a team of 49! I also wanted to let you know in case you didn't, that our upline is Heidi Russell. We are also a part of her downline and a part of the Superstars team. Our team is almost always the top selling team. In the last 6 months the Superstars team has sold over $958,000.00! September totaled over $469,000.00! So when you see the Superstars totals in the monthly recognition, you can be proud that you contributed to that total!

Top Personal Sales for September

#1 - Jennifer Trotter $4,515.83
#2 - Nicki Ownby $3,418.02
#3 - Kristi Bedwell $2,073.06
#4 - Amy Warren $1,791.97
#5 - Beth Mitchell $1,624.95
#6 - Stacey Philbrick $1,352.42
#7 - Cheri Atkinson $1,272.25
#8 - Debbie Alvis $1,010.65
#9 - Sarah Clevenger $903.58
#10 - Susan Watts $782.41

Top Team Sales (these are my personally sponsored designers and their team)

1. Stacey Philbrick's team $13,626.36
2. Kristi Bedwell's team $8057.36
3. Susan Watts' team $2,434.08
4. Beth Mitchell's team $1,785.95
5. Anita Mignat's team $969.90

Top Mentors for September

Jennifer Booher (4)
Nicki Ownby (4)
Jennifer Trotter (4)
Kristi Bedwell (3)
Anita Mignat (2)
Sonya Clark (1)
Rebecca Corvin (1)
Beth Mitchell (1)
Maureen Paynter (1)
Kelley Sloan (1)

Waitlist 101

Got someone on the waitlist? Want to know how you can best help them while they are a lady in waiting? There are great resources in our back office (under the Resource tab), including a designer in waiting checklist. Be patient and help them by answering their questions. Remember that you were new once too--share your owl wisdom!

Product Availability

Did you know that the nest updates their product availability almost daily? If you are wondering when something is going to be back in stock, pop over to the back office and click on "product availability in the main news feed!

Party Tab vs. Plain ole order in my back office

This was probably my biggest question when I first signed up with O2. Why do I need to use the party tab? Why can't I just use the order icon at the top of my back office page? What's the difference?

The difference between the two are:

Party Tab:Here you can enter orders under individual customers names and use their credit card number without having to use a resource that will charge you, the designer (no cc fees for you to eat!).
Orders placed here can be shipped directly to your customer (they will be charged the $7.95 fee for shipping--this will be changing in November to a lower shipping fee!).
Placing orders under the party tab will be full retail price. You will receive your commission the next week (commissions from the party tab and orders placed on your website are paid every Friday).

Order Icon in back office:All orders here are shipped directly to the designers.Your commission is kept right then because you will pay wholesale cost.
You pay one shipping fee according to the amount of your order. Your shipping cost is recouped when you sell to a customer and charge them shipping.

Either way is correct, just depends on which one you are most comfortable with!

Here's to a great October!

We have started out October with a bang! Just this week we have a group volume of almost $7,000! You all continue to amaze me, I'm so proud of everyone. Keep up the good work!