Louie Zamperini By Davis Gore

Louie Zamperini was a trouble making kid who became one of the greatest runners ever, and survived a plane crash and was beaten in a POW camp. Louie went to the air force after japan attacked purl harbor and join the air force and he was a gunner on a B-24. When he and his crew went over the ocean they crashed and he and 2 other men survived only 3 out of 12 survived the crash. And were adrift at sea for the longest anyone has ever stayed alive. When louie and one other survived when the reached land but the reached japan. They were captured and were transported to different camps. Louie was tortured by Japanese named The Bird and he looked for louie to beat him every day because he was famous runner. When it was closer to wars end the bird beat him more because he was mad because the japanese were losing. The pows at the camp took a train and were send on a boat to the U.S. A lot of people were scared by louie because almost every one through he was dead. Louie saw a doctor and he said louie could not run again. But Louie wanted too run, And he still ran. He ran 2 miles and half a mile his leg hurt bad but he keep going and he could not run Much after that. He had night mares about killing the bird. He had so many night mares he was afraid to sleep and got drunk to drown the war. And a guy called billy gram saved him.