Team Miracle

Super Saturday Extravaganza

Calling all Team Miracle Associates Near and Far!!!!!!

We are excited to announce we are having a Super Saturday Extravaganza 3/22/14!!!!!!!!!

Invite your sharpest prospects and guests to this incredible event!!! If you are in the southeast, be sure you plug in, but more importantly ensure your team members are plugged in as well. We want standing room only!!!!!

We are have an OPPORTUNITY MEETING from 10am - 11am followed by a POWER PACKED TRAINING!!!

We will teach you how to go from Associates to Crystal Executive in record time (4-6 weeks)

YOU DON'T WANT TO MISS IT!!!!!!!!! BE THERE!!!!!!!!!

Team Miracle Super Saturday

Saturday, March 22nd, 10am

12325 Johnston Rd

Charlotte, NC