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Principal's Corner

Principal's Message

So many wonderful things happened this week at Sussex. I had the privilege of participating in the training our SNAP Ambassadors conducted with our third grade students. The third graders were attentive, focused, and thoughtful during the activities and the SNAP Ambassadors were amazing! Look for the pictures of the activities below.

Save the date: Sussex Halloween Parade is scheduled for Thursday, October 31st at 9:15 a.m.

Have a great week!

Week of October 21st - October 25th

  • October 14th is a B day
  • October 17th- Family Fun Night

  • Looking Ahead:

    • October 25th- Spirit Day
    • October 31st- Halloween Parade 9:15 a.m.
    • November 4th & 6th- Parent/Teacher Conferences
    • November 5th- Election Day- School Closed
    • November 12th- 14th Book Fair
    • November 22nd- Spirit Day

Parent Pre-Conference Survey

On Friday, in your child's backpack a letter and a pre-conference survey form went home. Please complete the survey and return it to school by Friday, October 25th.

This will allow your child's teacher the opportunity to prepare for your conference and ensure your concerns or questions are answered.

Please contact your child's teacher should you need another copy.

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Quote of the Week

This week's quote was This week's quote is "We must do the things we think we cannot do."- Eleanor Roosevelt

Students spend time discussing this quote throughout the week. They discuss what they believe it means, why they believe the person said it. Finally they reflect on these questions and determine how they can apply it to their lives.

Does your student have Food Allergies? Filter the School Lunch Menu

You can now access the menu online and determine which items on the menu do not contain allergens specific to your student's dietary needs.

  1. Simply go to
  2. Type in the search box Morris
  3. Select Sussex Avenue School
  4. Select the type of meal you are interested in gathering dietary information (breakfast/lunch)
  5. Click View Menus
  6. On the upper left side of the page, click the allergen and dietary button.
  7. Select the allergens you'd like to eliminate and/or smart choice box and close the form
  8. The menu has now eliminated items on the menu that meet your students dietary needs.

Great Things Are Happening at Sussex

Mrs. Strasser and the Sussex Avenue SNAP Ambassadors did a fantastic job and giving such an impactful presentation to the 3rd grade gym classes. They showed leadership and compassion and they are ready to spread the message of kindness and inclusion. The Sussex Avenue School 2019-2020 SNAP Ambassadors are: Angelina Robertelli, Charlotte Moronsky, Alex Calafati, Alexis Hotra, Ava Leo, Charlotte Helmer, Dakota Giacomaro, Juliet Feeney, Justin Boncelet, Jack Caruso, Kayson Mills, Amy Mancia, Malcom Mejia, Lex Gutkin, Jasiah Thomas, and Gianna Laratta.

A French Cafe: Book Tasting to choose a book for book clubs

Ms. Johnson and Ms. Caruso created the perfect environment to "taste" different novels. For their first reading unit of study "Interpretation Book Clubs," Ms. Johnson and Caruso allowed students to choose their top choices. The books were presented to the class as a "Tasting Menu" with the copy of the paper menu for them to use for their choices. Each table was set up like a Bistro table and we played French cafe music and set the relaxing mood with candles at each table setting.

The students reviewed each of the 6 chosen books, then they had to write a quick thought about why they liked or disliked the books. Once they reviewed the books and wrote down their thoughts, they had to rate their choices 1-4. The students were later assigned their books for their Book Club groups. The activity helps students feel engaged in Book Clubs from the first second.

The class helped participate with setting the tables and then later cleaning up too!

"LEGO" Figure Out the Volume!

Mrs. Daly and Mrs. Badenhausen have been studying volume. To assist students in making real world connections that are relatable to a 5th grader to this concept, Mrs. Daly and Mrs. Badenhausen engaged students in an activity where the students built LEGO buildings with at least 4 rectangular prisms. Once constructed, the students partnered and measured the volume of each in cubic centimeters, and added them together to find the total volume of the LEGO building. Can't you see those neural connections being strengthened!!
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Sussex Avenue Home School Association (HSA) E-Blast!

For this week's HSA e-blast click here.

Sussex Avenue Student Directory

Last chance to be part of the Sussex Avenue Directory!

The Sussex HSA publishes an annual school directory that lists the names of students and parents/guardians, addresses, phone numbers and emails. Many families find the directory useful when planning social activities, communicating with other families about homework, or helping with HSA committee work. If you would like to be included in the Directory please use the link below to complete the online form. Please note, we will only be collecting this information electronically.

Do you have SPIRIT?

There has been many requests for Sussex Avenue Spirit wear sweatshirts. Forms will be going home this week. Be on the lookout!
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Meet Ms. Bruno- 5th Grade

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What do you love about working at Sussex?

The staff

What are some of your hobbies/passions?

Reading, traveling, spending time with family

Favorite life quotes.

"Education turns an empty mind into an open one."

Role Models

My grandmother

Meet Ms. Johnson- Administrative Assistant

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What do you love about working at Sussex?

Interacting with the students

What are some of your hobbies/passions?

Being a mom

Favorite life quotes.

We can't change the world, until we change ourselves -Notorious BIG

Role Models

My Grandmother

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Nurse's Corner

This is a friendly reminder that now is the best time to get you and your family vaccinated against the flu. This is also the best time to avoid vaccine shortages and to allow for a proper window of time to build up immunity before the flu season is in full-force. Get the flu shot, not the flu!

Influenza (also known as the "flu"), is a very contagious respiratory illness that infects the nose, throat, and lungs. While flu illness can vary from mild to severe, children, the elderly, and those with certain conditions are at higher risk for major and life-threatening complications.

Prevention is the best protection!

In addition to getting vaccinated, practicing the following measures can also help considerably with prevention:

  • Not touching eyes, nose or mouth
  • Covering mouth and nose when sneezing or coughing
  • Throwing away used tissues immediately
  • Washing hands frequently and properly
  • Avoiding close contact with those who are sick

Finally, please keep in mind that the flu is most contagious during the first 48 hours. A child who has a fever should remain at home until they are "fever-free" for a minimum of 24 hours without the use of fever-reducing medications. Your child should be physically able to participate in all school activities on return to school. Keeping a sick child at home helps to minimize the spread of infection in our classrooms and ultimately helps to keep all our students healthy and learning.

More information can be found at

Thank you for helping to make this school year as healthy and as productive as possible!


I am happy to meet with any member of the community! Should you like to discuss questions, concerns, or any matter, please contact Ms. Melissa Johnson at 973-292-2250 ext. 6550 to schedule an appointment.
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