Come to Kansas!

Better land, treatment, future...

Why YOU should come to Kansas!

Kansas has been a free state its entire lifetime, spanning 4 years, so there is less to worry about. As well, you can get land for extremely cheap. If you weren't getting enough money back home, then if you even just bring $20 to Kansas you can make it with your own farm and crops. If you were looking for a better future for your children, and your children's children, this is the place to come!

How to get land!

To get land for cheap all you have to do is

1. Be older than 21

2. Be a citizen or intend to become one

3. Pay a $10 filing fee and claim up to 160 acres (quarter mile)

4. Show improvement to the land or cultivate it for 5 years.

Thats the 4 easy steps to obtain land in Kansas. However come fast for 20,000 acres have already been claimed!

Where should I go?

The answer to that question is Nicodemus. Nicodemus is the best all African American town in Kansas. Some of the first settlers left since they arrived in winter, but those who stayed survived, and thrived.