Dog Sitting

Call us to watch your dog when you’re gone!

Why should we watch your dogs?

We are here to help!

Tirza, Andrew, Elyna and Grace live in your neighborhood and would like to take care of your dog(s). When you’re on a vacation or need to have a daily dog walker you can contact us. Prices will change depending on time and what is needed for your dog. Training can also be bought for your dog(s). Prices will also change depending on how well trained and behaved your dog(s) are. We all have a dog so we are able to properly take care of your dog(s).

When You are Gone!

When you are gone for a long period of time we will watch your dog(s), but we could do extra tasks like getting mail, shoveling driveway, etc.


2 dollars an hour for walking

4 dollars a day for when you are on a vacation

Training- payment depending on dog

Don’t hesitate and call if you need help!