Sample Course Pages

What are they and how can I use them?

What are Sample Course Pages?

Sample Course Pages are eCLASS C&I pages that are generally copied over at the beginning of the school year. These pages contain pre-made activities that use all of the eCLASS C&I tools (discussions, dropboxes, assessments, and content). Sample Course Pages contain activities for each AKS that have been developed by content area experts. They are updated each year to ensure that they continue to improve and to ensure that the included activities are the best activities for each AKS.

How do I get started?

Where do I find these pre-made activities?

The best place to look for the activities is in Content. Looking at the activities through Content will ensure that you are able to see all the directions that are included for each activity.

What do I do once I find the activity?

Once you find the activity you would like to use, create a News item that links to the first page within that module. Before you navigate away from the activity, make note of the name of the module and sub-module in which you found the activity. Then, create a new News item and use the Quicklinks button to link to the first page of the activity.
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What are some "gotchas" when using Sample Course Pages?

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Draft, Inactive, and Hidden Items

Some items within Sample Courses may have been set to draft. You will want to view the Sample Course activity that you linked to the News board as a student to ensure that everything is published. If something is not showing up, switch it from "Draft" to "Published", "Inactive" to "Active", or "Hidden" to "Visible".
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Expired Websites

Sample Courses are built in the spring of the previous year. As a result, some websites may no longer be available or may no longer be free. Always make sure to check ALL links prior to using the activity. Have a student log on and check links prior to having your whole class use the activity. This will ensure that the links are visible on the student network.
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Many video formats are blocked on the student network. After you have previewed the video, have a student log on and check to see if they can view the video on the student network. If the student cannot see the video, consider showing it whole group before the students log on to complete the next activity.


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